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Anchorage Commercial Kitchen

Are you a budding culinary entrepreneur? Established business in need of more kitchen time? Ready to move from Cottage Food to Municipal or State Permit? We are the place for you!

Anchorage Commercial Kitchen is located at 1300 W 36th Ave., available 24 hours a day.


Why an Interview?
Potential tenants are asked to sit down and talk about your business idea or plan before we ask you to provide further documents or a business license. We want to ensure our space is appropriate for your current and future needs.
This interview is very casual and includes a tour of the Anchorage Commercial Kitchen.

If Approved: Gather Your Documents

We'll need the following items from any new tenant:
    1. Copy of current Insurance Policy: One million dollar minimum commercial general liability. Seward Insurance (907) 224-7370 and Flip Insurance are familiar with commercial kitchen policies, also try your local insurance provider
    Cook Inlet Housing Authority
    3510 Spenard Rd. Anchorage, Alaska 99503

    Young Adventurers Lmtd. LLC PO Box 90760 Anchorage, AK 99509
    must be listed as “Additional Named Insured"

    2. Business License: The business must have a current business license on file. It is easy to register for a State of Alaska Business License
    3. The manager should consider ServSafe certified:ServSafe Alaska, check with AK DEC/Anchorage Muni HHS depending on the type of food you are producing
    4.Employees must hold a Food Handler’s Card
    5. An FEIN from the IRS (free) is a good idea

      Ready for the next step?

      Retail Food Establishment: Food Trucks, Caterers, Temporary Events & Food Producers Direct to Consumer, such as Farmers Markets
      Wholesale Producer: Producer who sells to a 3rd party such as a retail store or restaurant.

      Rental Spaces and Specialty Items

      The kitchen has a cooking space, a prep space and a Walk-In room with a refrigerator and freezer.

      · Stainless Steel Prep Tables

      · Eight Burner Range

      · Charbroiler

      · Deep Fryer

      · Two Convection Ovens (no broiler)

      · 30 qt. Hobart mixer

      · Produce sink

      · Walk-In Refrigerators & Freezers

      · Speed Racks

      · 3 Compartment Sink

      · Chemical Sanitizing Dishwasher

      · Dry Storage/Cold Storage/Freezer Storage

      Book Online


        How much does it cost to book the kitchen?

        • Reservations are made in 2 hour increments for $25/hr for the hot side and $20/hr for the cold side

        Who gets booking priority?

        • Reservations are always first-come, first-served. Reserve space as soon as you know you will need it. There is no guarantee that the kitchen will be available for drop-in, last-minute use.

        What if I need to cancel?

        • Cancellation Policy: We understand last minute changes happen and suggest you move your reservation as opposed to cancelling. We reserve the right to apply a cancellation charge.
        When do I pay?
        • Tenants are charged for kitchen use at midnight post time of booking.
          Can I use the kitchen during the evening and late night hours?
            • Yes, the kitchen is available 24 hrs a day. We encourage all tenants to be aware of their surroundings and have a zero-tolerance policy if the building is found unlocked overnight for any time. Any tenant who leaves the kitchen unlocked or open will lose late night access.
            Do you have dry storage space?
            • Yes, dry storage is $10/shelf and $50/rack a month (Costco Metro Racks)
            Do you have cold storage space?
            • Yes, dry storage is $10/shelf and $50/rack a month (Costco Metro Racks)
            Do you have freezer storage space?
            • Yes, dry storage is $10/shelf and $50/rack a month (Costco Metro Racks)
            Does the kitchen have parking?
              • Yes, tons of parking
              Where is the kitchen?
              • 1300 W 36th Ave. Anchorage, AK 99503 (formerly Yummy Bakery)
              Can I rent the Kitchen for Private Events or Media use?
              • Yes! Our kitchen is available for full or half day rentals. We require advance notice in order to schedule and prioritize our tenants access and businesses. Contact the Kitchen Manager for more information at amy@woodenspoonsalaska.com
              • Insurance for one-time events can be found at http://www.eventinsurances.com/

              We are proud to support new and growing food businesses

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